1) I am big _______ she is bigger. a) but b) than c) as 2) Snake is long _________ river is longer. a) but b) than c) as 3) Tom is ____________ me. a) tall b) but taller c) as taller as d) as tall as 4) German is ____________ English. a) difficult b) more diffiluct c) as difficulter as d) as difficult as 5) She is _____________ me. a) beautiful b) more beautiful c) more beautiful than d) as beautifuler as 6) Sahara is dry _______ Death Valley is ___________. a) but -- dryer b) than -- dry c) but -- drier d) than -- drier e) as -- as 7) Eva is the ______ person in the room. a) smart b) smarter c) smartest 8) She is ______ famous person in this room. a) more b) most c) the more d) the most 9) You are ______ than me. a) tall b) taller c) the tallest 10) It is too expensive. Do you have anything ______ ? a) cheap b) cheaper c) the cheapest 11) Do not pick up it! It is too _______ ! a) heavy b) heavier c) the most heaviest 12) I'm feeling ______ now. a) happier b) the happiest 13) The ______ you drive, the _______ it is. a) fast -- dangerous b) the fastest -- more dangerous c) faster -- more dangerous 14) Everest is __________ mountain in the world. a) high b) higher c) the highest

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