1) Chile is _________ (long) than Peru a) more longer b) longer c) long d) longerer 2) Tokyo is _______________________ than Rome a) modern b) More modern c) mordener d) modernier 3) Santiago is __________ (populated) than Puerto Montt. a) Populateder b) The most populated c) Populater d) More populated 4) The sky of Atacama is _______ (clean) than the sky of Santiago a) Cleanest b) Cleaner c) More clean d) The most clean 5) Valdivia is _______________________(beautiful) than Calama a) The most beautiful b) Beautifulest c) More beautiful d) Very beautiful 6) Concepción is __________ (big) than Curicó a) big b) More big c) Bigger d) biger 7) Argentina is ______________than Russia a) Hotter b) More hot c) Hotier d) hot 8) Russia is _______ than Argentina a) colder b) cold c) coldier d) more colder 9) San Felipe is _________ (small) than Santiago. a) Smallest b) More small c) The most small d) Smaller 10) Rome is _______ than Tokyo a) Older b) More old c) The oldest d) Most old 11) Valdivia is ______ than Atacama Desert a) wetter b) weter c) More wet d) The most wet 12) Japon is _____ (beautiful) than China a) The most beautiful b) More beautiful c) beautifulest d) beautifuler 13) Machu Picchu is __________ than Rancagua a) interesting b) interestinger c) More interesting d) The entertainingest


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