I play football and basketball. - What sports do you play at school?, She plays football. - What does your aunt do at the weekend?, Yes, she does. - Does your teacher dance in class?, I have Spanish and Social Studies. - What subjects do you have on Mondays?, HE COOKS HIS LUNCH. - What does your uncle do when he gets home?, It's May. - What is the fifth month of the year?, They get up at 8 o'clock. - What time do your friends get up on a school day?, We study for 2 hours. - How many hours do you and your friends study every day?, He studies on Mondays and Wednesdays. - When does your friend study English?, I PLAY SPORTS IN SCHOOL. - Where do you play sports?, I go to Fuerte English with my friends. - Who do you go to Fuerte English with?, I want to be a firefighter. - What do you want to be?, It's on the 10th of May. - When is your birthday?, It was Sunday. - What day was it yesterday?,




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