Did you like going to junior high school and high school?, Did you go to school every day?, Why do you think some students did not like to go to school?, Who do you talk to when you are sad?, Where do you usually go when you want to be alone?, Do you think having good human relations is important? Why?, Do you think it will be hard to find a good job in the future?, If you didn’t have much money, do you think you could be happy?, Why do you think some people become shut-ins?, Do you think shut-ins need help?, How can we help shut-ins?, If you had a problem, would you go to a counseling center for help?, Why do you think shut-ins are increasing?, Do shut-ins have a sickness?, Do you think counseling can cure shut-ins?, Do you think shut-ins can cure themselves?, Is being a shut-in bad?, What do you think shut-ins do at home?, Do you know anyone who is or was a shut-in?, Shut-ins are found in other countries, but Japan seems to have the most. Why do you think this is?.




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