1) What is it? a) Frog b) Snake c) Elephant d) Tiger e) Cat f) Monkey 2) What food is it? a) Omelette b) Peaches c) Steak d) Ham e) Potato f) Sausage 3) What number is it? 90 a) Nineteen b) Nine c) Sixteen d) Eighty-nine e) Eighty f) Ninety 4) Feelings: How are you? a) Happy b) Sad c) Angry d) Scared e) Nervous f) Sleepy 5) Classroom Furniture: what is it? a) Window b) Bin c) Cupboard d) Hooks e) Board f) Door 6) What is it? a) Bin b) Window c) Chair d) Bookcase e) Blackboard f) Desk 7) Where is it? a) In b) Under c) Over d) On e) In front of f) Behind 8) Where is it? a) Under b) On c) In d) Behind e) In front of f) Over 9) What is it? a) Star b) Sun c) Sky d) Clouds e) Rain f) Moon 10) Days of the week: the day number 3 a) Monday b) Wednesday c) Thursday d) Sunday e) Saturday f) Friday 11) Days of the week: the day number 4 a) Thursday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) Monday e) Tuesday f) Friday 12) Months of the year: The Month number 6 a) July b) April c) June d) August e) March f) May 13) What animal is it? a) Crocodile b) Monkey c) Shark d) Giraffe e) Tiger f) Parrot 14) Means of Transport: what is it? a) Lorry b) Motorbike c) Car d) Tandem e) Go-kart f) Plane

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