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1) Can you help me homework? a) do b) doing c) making 2) He told me room. a) tidy b) tidying c) to tidy 3) It is not a good idea ......for shool. a) being late b) be late c) to be late 4) Are you interested in ........sports? a) do b) to do c) doing 5) I can't stand .....for a long time. a) to wait b) wait c) wating 6) Please remember.......a Christmas card to your relatives. a) sending b) to send c) send 7) It was difficult ......the exam. a) passing b) to pass c) pass 8) The teacher makes us......a lot of homework. a) to do b) doing c) do 9) I want as soon as possible. a) to meet b) meet c) meeting 10) I look forward soon. a) to see b) see c) to seeing

11.A unit 7 inf.

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