NARRATOR: Simon and Alex are in their Art ____. They're making ____ and ____ can't stop. They're ____. SIMON: Oooh. ____ bowl's ____! NARRATOR: Alex is careful and ____. His bowl's good. NARRATOR: Stella and Lenny are in their ____ lesson. Stella's very ____ because she loves Maths and thinks it's ____. Lenny doesn't ____ Maths is easy. He thinks it's ____. LENNY: I can't do this Maths problem. It's difficult. STELLA: Come on Lenny. You ____ do it. It's easy. NARRATOR: It's 73-72. What an ____! Meera's got the ____ and she's running with it. Meera's quick. The boy's slow. GIRL: This ____ really ____. I don't like ____.




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