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1) Have you got a dog? a) Yes, I am b) Yes, I have c) No, they aren't d) No, they have 2) I______ clever. a) have b) am c) haven't d) are 3) You __________ three books. a) are b) has c) is d) have 4) ______ he got a pet? a) is b) have c) has d) am 5) This is Peter's elephant. This is ____ elephant. a) my b) your c) his d) her 6) Kasia has got a notebook. This is ______ notebook. a) Kasia's b) Kasias c) Kasia d) Kasias' 7) Utwórz przeczenie she/not/tall a) She is not tall. b) She has not got tall c) She not is tall. d) She not has got tall. 8) The dog has got a ball. This is _____ ball. a) their b) his c) its d) my 9) She hasn't got curly hair. She has got______ hair. a) dark b) fair c) straight d) blonde 10) I am not tall. I am__________. a) Small b) short c) wavy d) dark 11) Utwórz pytanie she/beautiful? a) Is she beautiful? b) Has she got beautiful? c) Are she beautiful? d) Have she got beaufitul?


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