1) She______________(not buy) any new clothes_____________ years. a) doesn't buy / since b) didn't buy / since c) hasn't bought / since d) hasn't bought / for 2) Lisa___________(be) in London______________three years now. a) is / for b) has been / for c) is / since d) has been / since 3) I’ll take an umbrella as it ______________rain later. a) might b) won't c) may not 4) Of course you _____________ enjoy your holiday. Lisbon is beautiful! a) might b) may c) will 5) He is very healthy and never eats __________________ a) fizzy drinks b) junk food c) caffeine  6) Bridget finds yoga _________________ and does it every morning for an hour to feel calm.am  a) relaxing b) funny c) stressing 7) __________________________ grows in cooler waters and it is an important part of the Japanese diet. a) mud b) seaweed c) protein 8) Try to eat more fruit and vegetables. They are low in______________and can help you to lose weight. a) fat b) caffeine c) protein 9) Jo has caught a.... a) high temperature. b) a headache today. c) cold and is at home. 10) Go to bed and get... a) an X-ray. b) pills once a day. c) some rest.


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