1) Recently I've read an article about useful ____ on how to save money. 2) I need to make an ____ with my lawyer. 3) I'd like to do ____ regularly, but I work a lot and don't have time to go to the gym. 4) I remember the times when I looked ____ to my birthdays. But now I don't even celebrate them. 5) My friends live abroad but thanks to the Internet we can ____ in ____. 6) I'm busy this week, so I'd like to ____ to meet you next week. 7) Making ____ helps me to organise my life and not to forget about important tasks. 8) Thanks to the Internet I can do ____ from home. For example, yesterday I ____ some dresses for the New Year party. 9) It's summer soon so we're ____ forward to going abroad on holiday. 10) How often do you ____ an appointment with your dentist?


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