1) How often ___ you _____ a bonus? a) do ... get b) are ... getting 2) Tom is an actor, but now he _____ as a waiter. a) works b) is working 3) It's noisy in here because the children _____ . a) play b) are playing 4) Thanks, but I _____ meat - I'm a vegeterian. a) don't eat b) am not eating 5) You can leave without me. Tomorrow is the deadline so I _______ at the office for a couple of hours. a) stay b) am staying 6) What ___ you _____ about the new software program? a) do ... think b) are ... thinking 7) Jess ______ deadlines. She's so irresponsible. a) is always missing b) always misses 8) I _____ Spanish - I _____ this language. a) study; love b) study; am loving c) am studying; love d) am studying; am loving 9) Why ___ you ______ there? - I _______ for a taxi. a) do ... stay; wait b) do ... stay; am waiting c) are ... staying; am waiting d) are ... staying; wait 10) Why ___ you _____ a jacket in the office? Are you cold? a) do ... wear b) are ... wearing 11) Look - in this picture I _______ in Switzerland. a) go hiking b) am going hiking 12) We ______ a party at the office this Friday. ___ you ______? a) have; Do ... come b) are having; Do ... come c) are having; Are ... coming 13) Pete ________ his social media during company hours. I don't think it's OK. a) always checks b) is always checking


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