1) Can you stop ... please? a) to talk b) talking 2) I forgot ... some milk. a) to buy b) buying 3) He avoids ... my question. a) to answer b) answering 4) We decided ... a taxi home. a) to take b) taking 5) I enjoy ... books in paper rather than electronic ones. a) to read b) reading 6) I don't mind ... to McDonalds on a first date. a) to go b) going 7) I hope ... the exam next year. a) to pass b) passing 8) I need ... to the shop. a) to go b) going 9) I finished ... money and finally bought an expensive course. a) to save b) saving 10) I expect ... go on holiday next summer. a) to go b) going 11) I promised my mum ... her more often. a) to call b) calling 12) We spent the weekend ... Netflix and ... nothing. a) to watch, to do b) watching, doing


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