1) Jack was a huge fan of Britney Spears, but now he _______ her songs. a) hates b) is hating 2) The kitchen _________ like you burnt something. a) smells b) is smelling 3) I can't live here anymore. I _______ about moving to another city. a) think b) am thinking 4) My granny _______ the roses I brought her in the morning. a) smells b) is smelling 5) People _______ high education prestigious. a) consider b) are considering 6) We couldn't stand opera in our childhood, but now we __________ going to Mariinsky Theater. a) like b) are liking 7) Don't worry, now I _______ Michael, but he can't see me. a) see b) is seeing 8) I'm sorry. You can't talk to Sara, she _______ lunch with her editor. a) has b) is having 9) Oh, now I __________ him. He is a famous rock star. a) recognize b) am recognizing 10) Look! The chef _________ the soup. a) tastes b) is tasting 11) Paul is normally very kind and thoughtful, but today he _________ so rude to me! a) is b) is being 12) I believed him, but now he _______ to be a cheater. a) appears b) is appearing 13) She can't call you, she _________ Pauline tonight. a) sees b) is seeing 14) It _________ as if it's going to rain. a) looks b) is looking 15) I don't understand, Kevin was always complaining that he didn't have money. And now he _____ a house and 2 cars? a) has b) is having


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