1) The play was really… - in fact, I was so… that I fell asleep. a) bored/bored b) bored/boring c) boring/boring d) boring/bored 2) My friend lost her job, she hasn't got any money and she had to move out of her flat. She's really unhappy and…, and her situation makes me feel… too. a) depressed/depressed b) depressed/depressing c) depressing/depressing d) depressing/depressed 3) Foreign travel is really… I'm going to Mexico next month, and I'm really… about it! a) excited/excited b) excited/exciting c) exciting/exciting d) exciting/excited 4) It was one of those ..... moments when you don't know what to say. I have never felt so........! a) embarrassing/shaming b) embarrassing/ashamed c) embarrassed/ashamed d) embarrassed/shaming 5) My job is extremely… At the end of each day, I'm absolutely… a) tiring/exhausting b) tired/exhausted c) tiring/exhausted d) tired/exhausting 6) He told me a most… story about his days as a footballer. He's a very… person. a) entertaining/amusing b) entertaining/amused c) entertained/amusing d) entertained/amused 7) I think that an academic subject is only… if the teacher or lecturer talks about it in an… way. a) interested/interested b) interesting/interesting c) interested/interesting d) interesting/interested 8) Yesterday, I saw an incredibly....... film! Many people were...... by its plot. a) bored/shocking b) boring/shocking c) boring/shocked d) bored/shocked




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