Make a recommendation: I highly / strongly recommend (ing/ sb to inf), I strongly advise you (not) to …, Everyone should see / do / read this … immediately!, … is not to be missed!, Don’t bother reading / seeing / going …, Fans of .... will no doubt be thrilled with this, I'd definitely give it a miss! , Overall, if you like... , you'll love..., Although I am not normally keen on (sth),I am glad that I decided to go/watch/try..., Although I enjoyed it, I would not recommend it for…, Giving background information: This show stars… , The play is directed by…, It's set in…, It's located in the heart of / in the suburbs of..., The story is based on (a book…) , The plot revolves around / focuses on..., Possitive expressions: One particular strength..., It made a lasting impression on (sb), I was on the edge of my seat., It ticks all/ a lot of the right boxes, To be its big selling point, On the plus side, ..., Negative expressions: My only slight niggle..., It didn't live up to my expectations, Disappointing, to say the least, It leaves a lot to be desired..., On the down side,…,

FCE Writing pt.2 - Review - Expressions




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