advertising (n), consumer (n), decade (n), demand (v), goods (n pl), importance (n), influence (v), invention (n), multinational company (n), power (n), significant (adj), store (n), stream (v), subject (n), survey (n), valuable (adj), alike (adv), as many … as … (phrase), compared with (phrase), equal (adj), have (a lot) in common (phrase), the difference between (phrase), while (conj), decline (v), demonstrate (v), financial (adj), gender (n), phase (n), portion (n), seek (v), target (n), domestic (adj), maintain (v), ancient (adj), forward (adv), loan (n, v), particular (adj), population (n), recent (adj), surrounding (adj), within (prep).

EAP M2 End of U4 Vocab Review


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