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1) We have to check in at the airport two hours before the plane ....... a) gets away b) takes off c) pick up 2) The criminal ...... 200 £ fine, although he robbed a house. a) got away with b) got back c) held up 3) Can you .......the children after school, because I have to work late today? a) set off b) get back c) pick up 4) I was walking in the city centre and I ....... my old friend. a) came across b) got back c) took off 5) Humorists often ......... politicians' speech. a) pick up b) hold up c) take off 6) Did you .......the books to the library? a) set off b) get back c) get away 7) Some people ........foreign languages very easily. a) pick up b) get back c) set off 8) I was late because there was a big traffic ..... on the motorway. a) get back b) hold up c) pick up 9) The student was cheating at the exam, but he .........without punishment. a) took off b) got back c) got away 10) It is very hot in here. ..... your jacket. a) Take off b) Pick up c) Come across

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