1) Where do you go to buy food? a) In the Kitchen b) At the grocery store c) Eat 2) Where do chickens and cows live?  a) On a farm b) At a zoo c) In a house 3) Where do a king and queen live? a) In a house? b) Outside c) In a castle 4) Where do you sleep? a) With a pillow b) In a bed c) At night 5) Where do children learn to read and write?  a) At school b) Reading and math c) With a teacher 6) Where does a whale live? a) In a pool b) At the zoo c) In the ocean 7) Where do you check out books?  a) Read a book b) At the library c) At a store 8) Where do socks go? a) Keep your feet warm b) On your feet c) On your hands 9) Where does a cake go when you bake it? a) In the oven b) For a birthday c) Eat the cake 10) Where does a bird live? a) In the sky b) In a house c) In a nest




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