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1) The lights are off. They home. a) must be b) can't be c) may be 2) He looks very young. He .... her husband. a) must be b) may be c) can't be 3) I don't know where he is. He ..... in the bedroom. a) might be b) must be c) can't be 4) I can see her playing the violin. She .......for her exam. a) can't be practising b) may be practising c) must be practising 5) The football team lost the match. They ..... badly. a) can't have played b) might have played c) must have played 6) I got a letter form England. It ...... from my friend William. a) can't be b) might be c) must be 7) He doesn't anwer the phone. He ...... a) must be having a shower b) can't be having a shower c) may be having a shower 8) The meat disappeared. It ..... the cat, as it was away from home. a) must have been b) may have been c) can't have been 9) Why didn't she say hello? She a) must have seen b) may have seen c) couldn't have seen 10) She knows everything about my plans. She ......our conversation. a) must have listened to b) can't have listened to c) may have listened to

10.A must, might

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