duce, duct, duc - to lead (conduct, deduct, deduce), pose - to place (exposit, depose), form - to shape (conform, reform), tend - to stretch, to strain (pretend, extend), vert (vers) - to turn (convertible, introvert), port - to carry (transport), mit, mis - to send (admit), dict (dic) - to say, to tell (diction, dictator), rupt - to break (erupt), sist - to stand, withstand (persist, insist), ject (jac, jec) - to throw, to lie (eject), fact, fect, (fac) - to make, do (factory, manufacture), struct (stru) - to build (structure, construct), scribe (Script) - to write (describe), ceipt, cept - to seize, to hold (receipt, intercept), pend - to hang (pendulum), spect (spec) - to see (spectator, inspection), flect (flex) - to bend (flexible, deflect),




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