1) Don't worry. We _____ arrive in plenty of time. a) will b) might c) can 2) The two teams are equally matched and it _______ be a great game. a) 's going to b) may c) can 3) It's _______ unlikely that the Government policy will change. a) completely b) highly c) absolutely 4) Food prices _____ get even more out of control. a) should b) can c) could 5) I'm sure Brenda ____ have realised that it was only a joke. a) can b) could c) will 6) There's a ______ chance that the y will change their minds. a) narrow b) slim c) minor 7) Someone ______ have leaked the news. It's all over the internet. a) must b) can c) might 8) We ________ have run out of milk. I got some this morning. a) needn't b) mustn't c) can't 9) You _____ tell they get on. They're always laughing and joking.  a) can b) must c) should 10) It's 11 o'clock. The plane _____ have arrived by now. a) might b) should c) can 11) Petrol prices ______ well go up even futher. a) may b) can c) should 12) I haven't revised at all. I _____ bound to fail. a) will be b) 'm c) both are correct 13) Which of these is NOT correct? a) Interest rates are likely to increase. b) It is likely that interest rates will increase. c) Interest rates  will be likely to increase.




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