1) How about _______ an apple pie? a) make b) making c) to make 2) _________ fruit is healthy for you. a) To eating b) Eating c) Eat 3) I’d like________ a tuna salad, please. a) having b) to have c) have 4) I can’t stand ________onions. a) eating b) to eat c) eat 5) Jane decided_________ lamb chops. a) order b) to order c) ordering 6) We are lucky ______ such good friends. a) to have b) having c) have 7) I'm hungry! Is there anything _____? a) eating b) to eat c) eat 8) look forward to _______these lemon cakes. a) try b) trying c) to try 9) I have an appointment. I don't want _____ be late. a) being b) be c) to be 10) Why do you keep ______ at your watch? a) looking b) look c) to look 11) One way ______ (reduce) garbage is by_____ more. a) to reduce / recycle b) to reduce / recycling c) reducing / recycling




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