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1) ... a bank in this town? a) Is this b) Are there c) Is there 2) ... a computer in the room. a) There isn't b) There aren't c) Is there 3) ... any shops near your house? a) Are there b) Is there c) There are 4) ... some flowers on the table. a) There is b) There are c) It is 5) There ... any magazines on the bookshelves. a) aren't b) isn't c) are 6) ... a mobile phone on the chair. a) There are b) There is c) Is there 7) The pilot sits in the ... of a plane. a) corkpit b) cockpit c) downstairs 8) Look! There's a "No Smoking" ... a) sing b) song c) sign 9) Her bedroom is in the first class ... a) floor b) section c) room 10) A flight ... serves drinks on a plane. a) attendance b) attend c) attendant 11) A ... delivers letters. a) postman b) barman c) nurse 12) Air ... makes the house cold in summer. a) condition b) conditioning c) window 13) Do you have ... photos with you? a) a b) some c) any 14) There are ... keys in my bag. a) a b) some c) any 15) He doesn't have ... desk in his room. a) a b) any c) some

Elementary_There is, are

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