Reaching the mountain peak proved to be a formidable ____ . We were convinced he would rise to the ____ of swimming right round the island The sales launch of our new product was met with complete ____. The government’s housing policy was a dismal ____, leading to an increase in homelessness. I’d jump at the ____ of working in a different country. I know I didn’t do very well on my first attempt, but I’d like a second ____. His first film was a resounding ____. It can take a long time to reach your full potential – not everyone is an overnight ____. I like going to the gym, but I lack the ____ to go every day. My primary ____ for studying English is to improve my job prospects. I’ve had an to be a(n) ____ athlete since I was a child. Recently, I realised a lifelong ____ to run a marathon. We have a daunting ____ ahead of us, but we will do our best to meet it. It’s good to have a new ____ in life, from time to time, to prevent things from becoming dull.




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