1) My brother is a ... qualified swimming instructor. a) fully b) wholly c) totally d) completely 2) You can’t speak like that to me. It’s ... unacceptable. a) fairly b) extremely c) bitterly d) wholly 3) I ... regret not training properly for the competition. I could have won. a) bitterly b) fiercely c) highly d) entirely 4) I didn’t go to the beach at the weekend like I usually do. I went somewhere ... different. a) fully b) entirely c) perfectly d) bitterly 5) I don’t need help carrying these bags. I’m ... capable of doing it myself, thanks. a) extremely b) fiercely c) too d) perfectly 6) Leo is only eight years old, but it’s already clear that he’s ... gifted when it comes to playing the piano.  a) utterly b) totally c) highly d) completely 7) I thought my test results were ... good, although I could have done better. a) quite b) utterly c) completely d) absolutely 8) I’m ... ambitious when it comes to sports – I always want to win, no matter a) entirely b) perfectly c) fiercely d) absolutely




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