1) Nick had a _________ in his sock a) rip b) hot c) ship 2) Tim had a nap in his _____ a) bug b) sip c) bed 3) Was it _______ in the sun? a) jog b) hot c) pet 4) The fish had a _______ on his back. a) rug b) fin c) dog 5) His pup _________ on the rug. a) shed b) lip c) jig 6) Rick is at the vet with his pet ________. a) dip b) sis c) cat 7) The pet dog has a _______ on his leg. a) hat b) tick c) mop 8) Max had _______ luck and was sad. a) job b) chop c) bad 9) Gus had to check on his ________ pig. a) shock b) sick c) log 10) I have to get rid of this ________. a) rash b) chat c) chep

Wilson 1.3 Step Sentence Cloze


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