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1) Choose the correct sentence: a) The bus leaves at half past eight. b) The bus is leaving at half past eight. 2) Complete the story: I was studying for my English exam, a) when... b) while... c) as... 3) The movie ________ at ten o'clock. a) starts b) is starting 4) My sister ________________ on the phone! She drives me crazy! a) is always talking b) always talks 5) Complete the story: I was playing basketball... a) all evening! b) when I was young. c) while my sister was studying. 6) While she was riding her bike, a) she was falling. b) she fell. 7) I played Monopoly a) while I was young. b) when I was eight years old. c) while my sister was cleaning. 8) My mother was cooking dinner, a) while... b) when.... 9) I was jogging, a) while... b) when... 10) He ____________ home even when it rained.  a) always walked b) is always walking

Review of tenses


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