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longitudinal - wave with vibrations along the wave direction, transverse - vibrations at right angles to wave direction, electromagnetic - made of vibrations of electric and magnetic fields, amplitude - maximum displacement from rest line, wavelength - separation of 2 peaks, frequency - number of vibrations per second, intensity - energy per square metre per second, period - time for 1 vibration, wave equation - speed = frequency x wavelength, reflection - bouncing off a surface, refraction - changing direction when speed changes, diffraction - wave spreading out going through a slit, polarised - wave with vibrations in 1 plane only, Malus's law - I = Io cos²A, x ray wavelength - 0.1nm, gamma ray wavelength - 10⁻¹⁴m, radio wave wavelength - 1m -1000m, microwave wavelength - a few cm, infra red wavelength - 700-1000nm, ultra violet wavelength - 100-400nm, visible light - 400-700nm, peak - maximum displacement above the rest position, trough - maximum displacement below the rest position, coherent waves - waves with same wavelenth, in same place, same type of wave, interference - 2 or more waves adding together, superposition - 2 or more waves in the same place, hertz - unit of frequency, nanometre - 1x10⁻⁹m, polarised - waves with vibrations in 1 direction only, polarising filter - allows only 1 direction of vibration to pass,

G482 wave lift off

by Anonymous


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