1) I haven`t got a pen. Can you give___your pen, please? a) me b) I c) my 2) This is Jack, ____mother is so kind. a) him b) his c) he 3) Look at _____! She is si beautiful. a) her b) she 4) This is Ann.______dad is really funny. a) her b) she 5) John is my best friend. I can tell ____ everything. a) he b) him c) his 6) Donald and Mark are teachers. ______students are smart. a) their b) them c) they 7) Manchester United is my favorite football team. I like _____ a) it b) them c) their 8) I like ______family. They are so cool. a) me b) my c) I 9) My favourite food is pizza. I like ______ a) its b) it 10) I have got two sisters. _______names are Julie and Mary a) their b) them c) they 11) ________has got a sister. a) her b) she 12) That`s my father. ____name is Dave a) him b) his 13) Can you tell _____your phone number? a) my b) me 14) These apples are for_____ a) us b) our 15) ______teacher is kind and friendly. a) Our b) Us

Subject and Object Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives




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