1) I need five box__ of chocolate  a) boxs b) boxes c) box 2) What's ____ phone number? a) you b) your 3) ____ car is Japanese a) Their b) They 4) No, Chandler and Joey ___ friends. They are colleagues! a) aren't b) are c) isn't 5) ____ Kate and July from Germany? a) Is b) Am c) Are 6) Pasha, please, turn off ____ phone! a) you're b) your c) you 7) The car isn't Japanese. _____ German a) she's b) it's c) they're 8) Are you a student? a) Yes, I am b) Yes am c) Yes, I'm 9) Are they brothers? a) No, they not b) No, they aren't 10) Is Angelina American? a) Yes, she is b) Yes, she's 11) I have ___ house! a) an b) a 12) I have many diar____ a) diarys b) diaryes c) diaries 13) I have two debit___ card ___ a) debits cards b) debit cards c) debits card 14) What _____? a) is it? It's jeans b) are they? They're jeans c) it is? It's jeans 15) Shrek is ___ ogre a) a b) - c) an 16) It's ___ open book! a) - b) an c) a 17) The jeans are ________ a) expensives b) expensive 18) I ___ happy a) do b) have c) am 19) Is it a ________ director? a) Turkish b) Turkey 20) It's a ___________ a) good book b) book good 21) Are they _____ ______ _______? a) very nice students? b) students very nice?




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