Is watching too much TV bad for children?, Do you think there will be a cure for cancer someday?, Do you think university entrance exams should be used to determine who is admitted to a university?, Do you think it strange for a tall woman to marry a short man?, Do you think rice or bread is healthier?, Can you know a person's character from the clothes he wears?, Do you think smarter people end up with higher salaries?, Do you think people should be allowed to smoke in restaurants?, Who is the best athlete in the world? Why do you think so?, Would you marry a foreigner who only speaks English?, Do you think blood type predicts personality?, Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?, What do you think happens to a person's soul when they die?, Are "all-girl" and "all-boy" high schools better than mixed high schools?, Do you think high-schools should require students to wear uniforms?, Is it ever OK to tell a lie? Why or why not?, Is it better to be married or single?, Do you think there is life on another planet somewhere?, How many languages do you believe a person can learn to speak well?, Do you think countries should require every citizen to vote?, Do you think it is strange if a couple decides not to have children? Why or why not?, Can TV shows be truly educational? Why or why not?, Do you think a person can learn a language just by watching TV?, Do you believe women are naturally better at taking care of children than men are?, What is your favorite season? Why?, Would you marry a person that your parents didn't like?, Which is more important for happiness: love or money?, Should parents limit their children's screen time?, Is it more important to read English well or to speak it well? Why?, What do you think is the most difficult language in the world to learn?.


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