What do you think the weather will be this winter? Give your prediction., What are you going to do this weekend? Describe your plans to the class., What are you going to do next Monday? What fixed assignments do you have? , Where do you hope you will be ten years from now? Make predictions, Do you think doctors will clone people in the future? If so , do you agree? Explain, Will pollution make the Earth uninhabitable? Discuss, Do think scientists will find a cure for COVID 19 ? Make predictions., Do you think people will live longer in the future? What is positive or negative about it? , What new inventions do you hope you will see in the future? Give reasons, How will transportation and travel change in the future? Describe., Do you think the world will be better or worse for future generations? Explain., Do you think aliens will ever visit the Earth? When? What will happen? . , Are you going to learn to drive ? When? if not , Why not?, Do you think you will get married? Why ? Why not? , Are you going to do any homework this week? Explain, What is the first thing you will do when the quarantine is over? Share your plans with the class, Are you going to go to university? What are you going to study?, What do you hope you will do tonight? Explain, What series or movies are you going to watch soon? Share with the class, How will school change after the pandemic ? Explain.

FUTURE SPEAKING - will/ going to / hope


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