1) I ... from France. a) is b) am c) are d) live 2) This is my friend. .... name is Peter. a) Her b) Our c) His d) Your 3) My brother is ... artist. a) a b) the c) on d) an 4) .... 20 desks in the classroom. a) This is b) There is c) They are d) There are 5) Paul ... reading books. a) likes not b) don't like c) doesn't like d) isn't like 6) Do you have a pet? a) Yes, I don't. b) No, I don't. c) No, I do. d) Yes, he does. 7) She can ... food well. a) go b) live c) cook d) drive 8) ... he live in Canada? a) Does b) Do c) Is d) Are 9) My mother is ........... the flat. a) cleans b) cleaned c) cleaning d) clean 10) We ......... to the cinema last week. a) goed b) go c) went 11) I ...... .... my homework yesterday because I was sick. a) don't do b) didn't do c) doesn't


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