What lies have you told to get out of doing something?, Who gets at you? What about?, Tell about how you got over a disappointment., Is there anyone who you find it difficult to get through to?, Is there anyone you don’t get on with at work/school/university?, Think about a time when you did something bad at school and you got off lightly, What did you get up to last weekend?, How well do you get on with everyone in your family?, Do you prefer to get rid of old things or keep them forever?, When was the last time you got wound up? What about?, Have you ever made a mistake but got off lightly without facing serious consequences? What happened?, What are some situations where you think people tend to get off lightly for their actions?, How often do you declutter your living space and get rid of unnecessary items?, Can you think of something you've been meaning to get rid of but haven't yet? Why?, Have you ever witnessed someone cheating or breaking rules and getting away with it? How did it make you feel?, Do you think people are more likely to get away with certain behaviors depending on their social status or background?, Can you share a difficult experience you had in the past that you eventually got over? How did you cope with it?, What advice would you give to someone struggling to get over a breakup or loss?, Have you ever tried to get out of doing something you didn't want to do? What excuse did you use?, Is there something you regret getting out of? Why?, How do you usually get through challenging times or difficult situations?, Can you share a time when you had to get through a tough period in your life? What helped you persevere?, Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to when you're not at home?, What situations or behaviors tend to get you wound up or frustrated?, How do you unwind when you're feeling wound up after a long day?, How do you feel about your neighbors? Do you get on with them well?, What qualities do you think are important for getting on with your coworkers?, What kind of activities do you and your friends usually get up to when you hang out together?, Have you ever been curious about what celebrities or public figures get up to in their free time?.

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