1) My house is ___________ in our neighbourhood. a) larger b) larger than c) largest d) the largest 2) Skiing is _________ football. a) more dangerous b) most dangerous c) more dangerous than d) the most dangerous 3) She is __________ person I know. a) nicest b) the nicest c) nicer d) nicer than 4) The aquarium in Valencia is __________ in Europe. a) biggest b) as big as c) bigger than d) the biggest 5) Chinese is ___________ language to learn. a) harder than b) harder c) hardest d) the hardest 6) I think Chemistry is __________ as Maths. a) difficult b) as difficult c) more difficult d) the most difficult 7) Who is __________ person in your family? a) more intelligent b) the most intelligent c) most intelligent d) as intelligent as 8) This hotel is very dirty. The other one is ___________. a) cleanest b) cleaner c) cleaner than d) more clean 9) The weather yesterday was___________ it is today. a) worst than b) the worst c) worse then d) worse than 10) Mark is the __________________ student in our class. a) smartest b) most smart c) smarter d) less smart 11) My sister is three years ______________ me. a) youngest than b) young as c) the youngest d) younger than

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