1) The Yamim Noraim are a great time to pick: a) Ice Cream b) Apples and Pumpkins c) Your Nose d) New clothing to wear e) Up a lizard f) Fruit Loops 2) On Rosh Hashanah, this sweet food reminds us of the holiday season: a) Gefilte Fish b) Parsley in salt water c) Latkes d) Apples in honey e) Matzah f) Blintzes 3) While some people look for the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween, we look for the perfect pumpkin to decorate our: a) Sukkah b) Bedroom c) Trampoline d) Seder table e) Menorah f) Bathroom 4) When we see this happening outside during the Yamim Noraim, we know that everything can change - even how we behave: a) Stoplight turning green b) Leaves changing colors c) The sun going down d) Snow turning to slush e) Caterpillars turning to butterflies f) Happy turning to sad 5) When we shake these two things, we celebrate the natural world: a) Our arms and legs b) Sukkah and schach c) Torah and yad d) Lulav and etrog e) Shofar and honey f) Sticks and branches 6) The roof of our Sukkah is called "schach" and is made of: a) Rice and beans b) Shovels and rakes c) Bricks and mortar d) Paper and scissors e) Tree branches or bamboo f) Lulavs and etrogs 7) On Rosh Hashanah, we go outside to a lake or river and "throw away" our mistakes in a service called: a) Seder b) Sukkah c) Tashlich d) Matzah e) Yom Kippur f) Soccer 8) What else happens around the time of the High Holy Days that reminds us that this is a special time of year? a) It starts to snow b) A new school year begins c) We celebrate Passover d) The dreidels start to spin e) We begin reading the Torah again f) We gather with family and friends 9) Why do we dip apples in honey instead of another fruit on Rosh Hashanah? a) Apples have seeds b) Apples are picked in the fall c) They are yummy d) Broccoli in honey would be gross e) You can't eat gourds f) Honey sticks to the apples 10) On Rosh Hashanah, its tradition to eat: a) A bug b) Something gross c) A new kind of fruit d) Pomegranate e) Your favorite cereal f) Something really hot


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