Bummer! My favorite restaurant ____ ____ during the pandemic. I loved their food. I was so surprised to hear that the store on the corner ____ ____ last week. Thankfully no one was hurt. I wonder how it caught on fire. That willow tree is dead. We should ____ it ____ before a storm knocks it down. Lisa ____ ____ many times when she was learning to ice skate. Shhhh! ____ ____ ____! The baby just fell asleep and I don't want you to wake her. Whiskers! You naughty cat! ____ ____ right now! You're not supposed to be on the fridge!! Pay attention and ____ ____ all of the class notes, so you do well on the next test. ____ ____. It will be okay. We will find your lost teddy bear. Don't cry. I've looked everywhere for my teddy bear!! It's lost forever. I've tried to stay calm, but I think I'm going to ____ ____ and cry soon. The road is slippery from the rain. You should ____ ____ so you don't get in an accident.




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