1) _________________ is your best friend? Carla. a) When b) Where c) Who 2) _________________ is your English class? From Mon to Thu. a) Why b) When c) How 3) _________________ is your favorite teacher? Ms. Debora a) Who b) How c) Where 4) _________________ is the next CASAS test? In December. a) Who b) When c) Where 5) _________________ don't you do your homework? Because I am tired. a) Who b) Why c) Where 6) _________________ is your notebook? In my backback. a) When b) Who c) Where 7) _________________ is this? It's a pencil. a) What b) When c) Where 8) _________________ is your birthday party? Next Friday. a) How b) Why c) When 9) _________________ are you from? I'm from Brazil. a) When b) Where c) What 10) _________________ is that woman? Laurel, my boss. a) When b) What c) Who 11) _________________ is your name? Debora. a) What b) Who c) When 12) _________________ is she buying a dress? Because she has a party tonight. a) When b) How c) Why 13) _________________ is your favorite day of the week? Saturdays a) When b) What c) Why 14) _________________ are your kids? They are at school. a) How b) When c) Where

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