1) In Thailand it is nice to touch someone on the head a) true b) false 2) it is polite to cover your mouth when you laugh in South Korea a) true b) false 3) what does this mean in India? a) hello/goodbye b) thank you c) I pray for you 4) what does this mean in the USA? a) no b) Call a taxi c) OK 5) In which country is it illegal to eat chewinggum a) Singapore b) Germany c) China d) Russia 6) In Islamic countries, when do people not work? a) Saturday b) Sunday c) Friday d) Monday 7) How long is lunch in Spain? a) 1 hour b) 3 hours c) 5 hours 8) if you go to dinner in Greece with your Greek friends you should arrive a) on time b) early c) 30 minutes late 9) What is an "abrazo" in Spanish? a) kiss b) wave c) hug 10) in Kenya, if you go to someone's home for dinner you shouldn't give flowers as a gift a) true b) false




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