Pippy is a 12 year old girl who lives in New York City. She always comes to school late because she not good ____ waking up. Her parents are worried ____ her, they say that if she can't wake up on time she will never learn anything. But Pippy just doesn't like school. When she is keen ____ something, she has no problem getting up! For example, Pippy is interested ____ sports. Her favorites are the sports that she can play on a team. Her basketball team is going to play in the finals this weekend and Pippy is very excited ____ it! This year she has been promoted to center forward which is a very important position in basketball. Pippy is proud ____ being center forward on her team. She believes that she can help her team win. There is just one problem, Pippy is easily confused ____ directions. For example, she doesn't know her right from her left. If the coach tells her to go right, she sometimes goes left instead by accident. Pippy is afraid ____ losing the game because of her poor sense of direction. What should she do?




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