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1842 - In what year was the Sanitation Report written?, They were cheap - Why were public baths good for the poor?, Liberals - Which political party made Britain a Welfare State?, 9 pence for 4 pence - What tag-line went with the National Insurance Act?, Aneurin Bevan - Which MP pushed through the NHS?, 1848 - In what year was the First Public Health Act passed?, Doctors (BMA) - Who was the biggest opponent to the NHS?, 70 - How old did you have to be to claim the first pension?, The Means Test - What test did married couple have to take to qualify for National Insurance?, 1942 - In what year was the NHS proposed?, William Beveridge - Who first proposed the NHS?, Someone who cleaned the streets - What was a raker?, Liverpool & Rutland - In which two places did Chadwick conduct his study?, Edwin Chadwick - Who wrote the Sanitation Report?, 1948 - In what year was the NHS passed?, World War One - What event stopped the Liberal Reforms?, Aqueducts - What part of Roman Public Health brought fresh water to the cities?, 1875 - In what year was the Second Public Health Act passed?, 5 - How many giants did Beveridge want to destroy?, 1911 - In what year was the National Insurance Act passed?,

20 questions on British public health

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