1) He _____ up late. a) usually gets b) is usually getting c) usually get 2) _____ Anna like music? a) is b) does c) do 3) All of my friends _____ good jobs. a) has b) are have c) have 4) I _____ on very well with my parents. a) not get b) are not getting c) don't get 5) My brother _____ at university. a) study b) studies c) is studiing 6) When _____? a) is the film start b) the film starts c) does the film start 7) How often _____ your brother? a) do you e-mail b) e-mail you c) are you e-mail 8) Why _____ your sunglasses? It _____. a) are you wearing / rains b) are you wearing / is raining c) do you wear / is raining 9) At weekends we _____ out, but this Sunday I _____. a) normally eat / am cooking b) are normally eating / am cooking c) are normally eating / cook 10) Hey! You _____ on my foot! a) stand b) are standing c) stands 11) My sister _____ as a secretary. a) is working b) works c) work 12) This summer, my brother _____ at a children's camp. a) is working b) works c) work 13) I usually _____ tea but today I _____ a coffee. a) drink / want b) drink / am wanting c) am drinking / want 14) They _____ a big mistake. a) makes b) are makeing c) are making 15) _____ with her best friend now? a) Does she run b) Is she runing c) Is she running


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