1) Good morning a) Parting b) Leaving  c) Thanking d) Apologizing e) Asking f) Greeting 2) How is everything? a) Parting b) Thanking c) Greeting d) Leaving e) Asking f) Apologizing 3) Not too bad a) Apologizing b) Asking c) Thanking d) Greeting e) Leaving f) Parting 4) Don't mention it. a) Asking b) Thanking c) Apologizing d) Leaving e) Greeting f) Parting 5) Thank you just the same a) Parting b) Greeting c) Leaving d) Asking e) Apologizing f) Thanking 6) How are things with you? a) Greeting b) Leaving c) Parting d) Thanking e) Apologizing f) Asking 7) Until next time a) Asking b) Apologizing c) Thanking d) Parting e) Greeting f) Refusing 8) Don't worry about it a) Apologizing b) Thanking c) Asking d) Parting e) Greeting f) Leaving 9) See you later a) Greeting b) Apologizing c) Refusing d) Parting e) Thanking f) Asking 10) Thank you so much a) Apologizing b) Parting c) Thanking d) Leaving e) Asking f) Refusing

Greeting, apologizing, thanking, parting




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