parachute - I was scared my _____________ wouldn’t open while skydiving., aquarium  - He has a huge _____________ filled with beautiful fish., Pharaoh - An ancient Egyptian king is called a _____________., marigolds - Dad planted some yellow _____________ in our garden., barefoot - I don’t like shoes so I often go _____________., Arizona - The Grand Canyon is in _____________., Paris - When I go to_____________, I will visit the Eiffel Tower., sheriff  - The _____________ put the thief in jail., wheelchair - After the accident, he had to use a _____________., nightmare - I had a terrible _____________ last night while I was sleeping., dictionary - The _____________ is the biggest book in their house., parakeet - I bought my pet _____________ a new cage., fairytale - My favorite _____________ is Little Red Riding Hood., stare - I told him not to _____________ at me!, married - The happy couple got _____________ last week.,




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