Vacation in the snow Every year my family and I go up to the ____ or our winter vacation for a whole week. When we arrive, we want to go ____ to all the fun ____ . First, my father gives us his ____ talk about being ____. We always have a ____ of skiing or playing in the snow. We usually ____ skiing because it’s ____. Our School Trip In March we took our ____ school trip. This time we went to Nesher Park in the ____. My favorite ____ was walking ____ the bridge. Our teacher told us about the ____ of crossing it because it is only 1.5 meters ____. We needed to be very ____ and we couldn’t walk ____ each other. After that, we had lunch in the ____ Daliyat al-Karmel. Colombia Children who live in the rainforest (יערות גשם) near Bogota, Colombia, have to cross the Rio Negro River to get to school and back. The only way the children can go ____ the ____ is to ride on a zip line (אומגה). The zip line is 400 meters above the water. It’s a very ____ ride because the children travel up to 50 kilometers an hour. This kind of travel is ____, but the children don’t have ____ ____.


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