1) 'I'll only be working here for a couple of weeks. I'm a _______ worker.' a) seasonal b) obsolete c) temporary d) provisional 2) 'It couldn't have happened at a better time! What a _______ arrival!' a) temporary b) timely c) provisional d) overdue 3) 'It depends on the time of year. It's a _______ problem.' a) seasonal b) punctual c) simultaneous d) timely 4) 'I get to work at nine o'clock on the dot every day. I try to be _______ .' a) punctual b) overdue c) temporary d) obsolete 5) 'We both said it at exactly the same time. Our answer was _______.' a) obsolete b) provisional c) overdue d) simultaneous 6) 'We can't use that software on our new computers. It's _______ !' a) temporary b) seasonal c) obsolete d) simultaneous 7) 'It's the first draft of the text. We can change it later if we want. It's only _______ .' a) provisional b) overdue c) obsolete d) punctual 8) 'They should have sent that to us ages ago. It's long _______ .' a) punctual b) temporary c) overdue d) seasonal




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