come round - to change your opinion of something, often influenced by another person's opinion, time-consuming - A time-consuming task takes a lot of time to do, pulses - seeds such as beans or peas that are cooked and eaten, hen - an adult female chicken, often kept for its eggs, factory farming - a system of farming in which a lot of animals are kept in a small closed area, in order to produce a large amount of meat, eggs, or milk as cheaply as possible, lapse - a temporary failure, the odd one out - a person or thing that is different from or kept apart from others that form a group or set, weird - very strange and unusual, unexpected, or not natural, bring someone up - to care for a child until they are an adult, often giving them particular beliefs, hilarious - extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter, veggie - vegetarian, tease - to laugh at someone or say unkind things about them, either because you are joking or because you want to upset that person, give up - to stop trying to guess, supportive - showing agreement and giving encouragement, nutrient - any substance that plants or animals need in order to live and grow, chickpea - a hard, pale brown, round bean that can be cooked and eaten, vegetarian - a person who does not eat meat for health or religious reasons or because they want to avoid being cruel to animals, vegan - a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather, diet - the food and drink usually eaten or drunk by a person or group, get your act together - to start to organize yourself so that you do things in an effective way,




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