1) The train is going ... the tunnel a) along b) with c) through d) across 2) They are going ... the river a) along b) onto c) round d) down 3) The man in black is getting ... his car a) onto b) into c) off d) out of 4) The child is going ... the slide a) up b) onto c) out of d) down 5) The woman is getting ... the taxi  a) up b) through c) out of d) across 6) She is putting the pyramyd ... the blocks a) into b) onto c) round d) off 7) She is putting bread ... the cart a) out of b) through c) across d) into 8) They are climbing ... the mountain a) down b) onto c) up d) into 9) The horse is jumping ... the river a) down b) up c) over d) through 10) The are going ... the road a) across b) out of c) round d) over 11) The rocket is flying ... the planet a) throught b) onto c) over d) round 12) He fell ... the bike a) up b) off c) down d) round 13) The woman is going ... the stairs a) up b) onto c) down d) out of 14) the dog is jumping ... the circle a) over b) through c) round d) down 15) The man is jumping ... the bus a) onto b) out of c) into d) over 16) The bear is going ... the hole a) into b) onto c) out of d) across 17) She is putting the cherry ... the cake a) into b) out of c) onto d) through 18) She is going ... the shop a) round b) across c) into d) down


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