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Flotoalb - Football, akteblsaBl - Basketball, igiDvn - igvinD, iiwmmgSn - Swimming, ganCneoi - Canoeing, XBM - BMX, M ingnukinitoba - Mountain biking, Gncyssmiat - Gymnastics, Valelolbly - Volleyball, rceyhAr - Archery, ontnamdBi - Badminton, ginxBo - Boxing, encngiF - Fencing, okcHey - Hockey, Hadlnbal - Handball, ouJd - Judo, tslAtcieh - Athletics, wongRi - Rowing, niSglai - Sailing, tShogoni - Shooting, nl aebseTinT - Table Tennis, iWegttihglnfi - Weightlifting, siennT - Tennis,


by Anonymous


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