1 - 1 A: Why are you angry? B: I've been waiting for you since 6 o'clock., 2 - 2 A: Why do you look sleepy? B: I've been going out every evening this week., 4 - 4 A: Why are you upset? B: I've just failed the driving test., 5 - 5 A: Why do you look pleased with yourself? B: I've written 6 important letters today., 6 - 7 A: Why do you look happy? B: I've just booked a holiday., 7 - 8 A: Why do you look pale? B: I have had a stomachache all afternoon., 8 - 9 A: Why do you look exhausted? B: I've been working since 7 o'clock this morning., 9 - 10 A: Why do you look worried? B: I've just heard bad news., 10 - 11 A: Why do you look relaxed? B: I've been listening to classical music., 11 - 12 A: Why do you look so well? B: I've just come back from holiday.,

Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous


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